Friday, March 28, 2014

Festival Clothing

Minnie Mouse Set #2

Reverse of Minnie Mouse Set #2

Reverse of Minnie Mouse Halter Top

Minnie Mouse Set

Batman Set

Puppies Set

Puppies Halter Top

Kittens Set

Kitty Kat Set

Pussycat Set
I have been making a lot of these cute sets for my stockists and website.  Some are one off sets so if you are looking for something unique to wear to your next festival check them out at

Monday, March 10, 2014

Esprit De Noel Raggy Quilt

Backing fabric from Esprit de Noel range

close up

Esprit de Noel on bed
Finally the weather is slowly cooling down and I have felt like finishing a few quilts.  The Esprit de Noel fabric from French General is lovely.  Turkey reds, oyster greys and matching tans and creams.  Quilt measures 190cm x 195cm so sits nicely on top of queen bed.  This quilt is 100% cotton so can be machine washed without worry.