Thursday, February 20, 2014

Quilts & Clothes

Esprit de Noel quilted squares waiting for completion!!!!!

Pussycat Peasant Top

Pussycat Shorts
After moving out of my village studio and back to the farm last week, I had big plans this week!!! But as usual, nothing goes to plan at my place.  I have spent 3 days sick in bed with a house full of fabric/boxes/baskets all waiting to find a new home!  Eight more days of Summer and it has been another week of yuck humid hot days WITH NO RAIN!!!! I planned to finish the lovely Esprit de Noel quilt but with no air conditioning in my home sewing room, that didn't happen!  Instead I made these cute pussycat peasant tops and shorts for sale at my stockist in Brisbane tomorrow.  Still sweated like a piglet but at least I didn't have a large quilt on my lap.  Also, boxes etc still all over the place but they can wait for cooler weather.  Bring on Autumn:)