Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Cowboy Boot Christmas Quilt Close up

Ladder display as part of Xmas decorations

Our farm after bushfires

Merry Christmas to all my wonderful customers and I look forward to another creative year with you in 2013.  Next year the studio will only open on the first Saturday of each month and by appointment/party booking.  This week has been busy with bushfires at our Rathdowney farm and trying to finish my Xmas orders and presents!  The heat over the last weeks has warped my quilting table and the tracks have moved so my quilting machine decided it didn't want to co-operate with my last minute quilting (grrrrrrr)!  I dream of a cold Christmas (not white, just cold!!)  So I blasted the air conditioner on it (and me) and finished the above Cowboy Boot Xmas Quilt and a customer cot quilt, but still have a few pressies to finish.  Xmas/New year is always hectic in our household.  With last minute orders to fill, Xmas shopping, Calf marking,  Hubby's birthday and usually a New Years Eve party, I am all Bah Humbug.  My Favourite day is 2nd January when it is all over (including the NY hangover) and I look forward to a New (and less hectic) Year!!  Best wishes Rob :) 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

New Quilts

Shari's Raggy Quilt

Backing from same fabric

Shari (my wonderful cardmaker) asked me to make her a large black and tan raggy quilt.  The finished size is 225cm square.  It is the largest raggy quilt I have ever made but will be the last time I make such a large one.  Joining the last of the quilt was murder on my arthritic back.  But I am very happy with the finished result:)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Items in Store this Week

                                                   Fleur Noir Cushion Front  $25 + P&H
Venice Reversible Shopping Tote $40 + P&H

Venice Cushion $25


Reverse of Venice Tote
Just a few new things I have made this week.  I have a few other new cushions but no photos yet.  Will get them on the website this weekend (hopefully).  Sorry for the quality of the Venice Tote photos but the cushions show the fabric clearly. Rob:)